My name is Zachary Demeritt. Many of you know me as a kind, helpful person but my past may scare you. Here’s a inside look at my testimony created by God, who performs wonders by repair.

At age 7, I lost my dad on December 24th 2005 by a heart attack. He was my biggest role model in my eyes. The many activities we did together were painting his miniature trains, listening to music, and watching NASCAR. The day I found out, I erupted in tears. I still miss him to this day more than anything, I never had one of those father son fishing trips, and never was taught how to ride a bike which is embarrassing. My dads death affected me in many ways.

I moved to Texas in 2010 as a incoming seventh grader, it was difficult to adjust, I am a shy and quiet boy who really never talked to any one. That year I stayed to myself, barely speaking to others and communicating. After junior high was over, the darkness and sadness time happened. I began to get bullied for my height, and appearance. Many of the remarks I got were “egghead”, “crooked jawline”, “stick”, and “homo”. These comments later got to me, as being alone was enough, I was also a victim of bullying. By the end of my freshmen year, I couldn’t handle it anymore as I turned to self harm. Cuts were covered all over my arms as I began to hurt. The blood wasn’t worth it, but the stress mechanism was. Later sophomore year, I began to purposefully forget to eat. I went from being a 124 pound 6’3 male, to 116 pounds. My life went spiraling down at one moment during my junior year. I felt very alone and lonely. I felt no use of living this life. Full of hurt and dark moments. My daily life consisted of arriving home and just crying myself to sleep. January 3rd 2015, is a day I’ll never forget. I didn’t want to suffer in silence anymore as I grabbed the closest bottle of pill and took almost the whole amount. It took awhile for it to kick in but in no time my body was dizzy and I began to vomit continuously. Tears erupted in me as I wanted to admit defeat. Giving up seemed to be the only option, but I found a light. I turned to him. I asked him to heal and forgive me for all I did. At that time, I was atheist and didn’t know how perfect our God was. Then, as my vomiting settled down, I fell asleep on the bathroom floor. Since that moment, I know who god is.

He turns our tests into a testimony. Our mess into a message. Our dreams into a reality. My dream that day was to be in a relationship with our father, Jesus Christ. I trust him to save me from the evils of the world and the temptations of others. What I learned from my past is whatever god puts you through, he’ll get you out of it. Think about this verse the next time you’re lost. God is with you through the storm and the peace ( Romans 8:28). Stay firm, Stay Strong, and Stay well grounded in your faith. I went from being in the dark to be lit up in his glory. How did God illuminate your life?