hurt. sadness. all feelings we’re allowed to feel inside us but that doesn’t mean they need to flood ourselves. Jesus is our shoulder in times to cry and in times of loneliness, this next month, December, will be really difficult for me. I lost an important person in my life on December 24 2005. My dad. I’ve been putting off this blog since 2015 but not anymore. I’ve missed you continuously but I’m an expert of masking it all. This is my letter to you, my story on my dad.

Hey Dad!!! It’s been almost 12 years since I’ve seen your face. I’m an absolute replica of you. I’m so smart, so wise, and you could say I have a way with words. You were the best husband to my mom and she couldn’t have anyone better. I’m 19 now. college is a big hope for me as i want to become a pastor to start changing lives through Christ to those around me. I wish every day you could see my future. I pray everyday you’re proud of me. I hope you say “Well done child.” I loved your fascination with trains and the time you spent with them. My dad was what you call a maintenance man and He loved fixing old trains. He painted them, put new wheels on them, and even drove some every now and then. When he got free time – He went into his workshop at home and built each of our family a special train. I guess you could say it was to remember his goodness and his gift from the Lord. He loved people and making others smile. I remember listening to an old rock band “Twisted Sisters – We’re Not Gonna Take it” and just singing along with him. It was such a memorable moment in my life and I remember it everyday. I miss you everyday dad. I barely remember much because I was 7 but what I remember is cherished. You taught me to treat everyday with much intent, to love relentlessly, and to show effort in all I do. Every time, I look up to the sky, I see peace and serenity because you’re there. A guardian angel who watches over my whole entire family. If I had one telephone call to heaven and I had to pick one person to call once – it would be you. No doubt. Jesus got one special gift that Christmas and that’s what keeps me positive and at peace.

This blog wasn’t made to give me pity or sympathy but to shed light and empathy to others. If you are facing difficulty in these holiday months, find comfort in the Lord. His arms, His hands, and His heart give me so much peace. No matter how sad I am about my dad, I know He’s happy and my God is overjoyed with my work with His kingdom. Your heart may be troubled, it may be broken due to death and heartache, but it’s nothing our loving God can’t handle. Pass it over to Him. He will give you nothing but love.

“The God of angel armies are always by my side”

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” // Luke 2:14 //