❝He’s the only hope we have. He’s the only thing that provides a future. He’s the only one who can bring peace where there is nothing but lostness and struggle and anger and fury and confusion … We just want to see Christ in the forefront of all of this.❞

My heart broke. What was supposed to be a happy Ash Wednesday turned into a grieving day for many. Florida was devastated by a shooting in Parkland and it killed 17 people. These people were children of God and it breaks my heart. i’m so sorry to the tragedy that happened. i’m sorry to the families in this time mourning. finally… i’m sorry for this country. We need Jesus more than anything right now. This world lost 17 precious humans. They were just so young and had so much more in store. Yet left too soon. We need you God. The families need you. Most importantly, the world needs you.

❝Where is God currently in this devestation?❞

This question is brought up repetitively — especially during tragedies like this one. Friends.. God doesn’t intend for sin to flood this world. He only gives us joy and happiness — the devil gives us darkness and hatred. We live in a imperfect world where violence, sex, robbing, and other wrong doings occur. What’ll stop all bad from happening? God. This nation needs more Jesus. This nation needs more love. It needs more prayer. Prayer is so important. It isn’t “just talking to the big man in the sky”, it’s talking to our creator. The one who can heal the broken, mend what’s bad, and destroy the evil. God didn’t necessarily say “Oh, you won’t struggle” — He said “As long as you know me, I’ll walk with you through life’s hardest battles”. That’s the God we need. He’s walking with every family who lost a life by this tragedy. Hate will never win, Love always gets the upper hand.

Friends.. He’s right beside you in every tragedy, trial, and rough patch. God is standing by the nation as we endure this devastating shooting. When times are dark and we lack the momentum to push forward, our God gives us strength.

in the midst of suffering, peace can be found in the love of Jesus Christ. God is so good and always good. I’m so thankful for that.

let me end it with this quote — ❝The central theme of Job is not suffering. Rather, the book of Job is about our relationship with God in the midst of human suffering. In the final analysis, God alone has the ultimate answer. And He calls us to TRUST Him. To keep faith in the midst of suffering.❞