❝i am in charge of who i am & today I choose happiness❞

Good morning sweet humans !! Today on this sunny Monday morning, it’s approximately 9:49 am. I choose today to wake up with a wide smile. To me — Smiles are worth miles, which means this: they are worth so much and can change a perspective. i call my smile a “genuine smile”. I’m not hiding behind hurt, betrayal, sadness, or anything negative. I’m genuinely happy because GOD LIVES IN ME !!! God gives me mass amounts of joy just by living in HIM !!! the day i realize i’m in charge of my own happiness is when life started to change. i put happiness in what’s permanent, what’s everlasting, and what’s always there — My Jesus.

children of God,, wake up today. choose the only option to live like. joyfully and full of happiness. put a genuine smile on your face and see how much life can change. your perspective on your whole day and your attitude can be changed dramatically by smiling. you might not ever know this but friends i bet your smile looks so good on you !!! the wonderful world changer, emma mae jenkins, quotes this so well: “you are a top notch world changer, the bee’s knees, and oh your smile looks so good on you”


I’ve been talking about how to be joyful and all that encompasses it but i forgot to mention one important factor — what makes you joyful? i want to share some way that i try to stay happy and what brings me a smile !!

 ➝ being able to wake up every morning. healthy, and living out His duties for me continuously and always

 ➝ EATING A HUGE BOWL OF FROSTED FLAKES !! oh boy do i love me some frosted flakes. one of my favorite breakfast choices. who doesn’t love cereal?

➝ getting to read my favorite book, the bible, and getting into His most holy word.

➝ to walk outside and notice God’s unbelievable works. the flowers, the trees, the grass, and the people around me. It’s all so good and it certainly gives me a reason to smile wide.

➝ lastly.. God’s people give me a lot of joy. i smile at how much God is changing lives, how God is using certain people for His kingdom making, and how God truly knows what’s in stores for these humans !!!

compliment when needed, encourage if it’s the time too, and love always.  i promise my friends, there are constantly reasons to be happy. Let our Jesus be “the joy of your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) 

sometimes it’s so hard to be happy and find something to give us an exuberant joy. but it does exist. find joy in the Lord when all things go to dust. find joy in the Lord when all things temporary go “poof”. The Lord is a permanent example of joy because if you have the Lord in your heart, happiness will always be there.

❝as a Christian, you’ll have good days and bad days, but you’ll never have a day without God. Praise His name in the good and bad. Trust in Him.❞