friends ;;

happy Friday!!! i’m so thankful to have made it through the week with Jesus by my side. every good deed and every smile is because of you Jesus and for that I am thankful. today, i have a very personal writing on my heart that i felt needed to be shared. without further ado ;; let’s commence with this.

pals— it’s been years but let me tell you, i never belonged anywhere. throughout high school, there wasn’t a single friend group that i felt was my own. i played tennis but i didn’t belong to that “jock group”. i was what you called a “nerd” but never belonged to that group. any group you named, i tried to join. i was just a lone sheep looking for a place to call home. i tried so hard to find that group to fill that empty hole in my life. that hole was friendships. awkwardness and introvertedness contributed immensely to that effort. we all want some sort of belonging in this world because no one wants to aimlessly walk alone. but we don’t have to look any further friends. we already have that. we belong to Christ. with Him ;; the sheep have their shepherd.

Every creature that has ever existed belonged first to the creator. Every sinner who is far, every saint who draws near, every traveler who passes by; they all belong. Whether this is informative or not, the truth remains: God made you and you are His. According to Colossians 1:16, not only do you belong toHim, but you belong for Him.

Friendship ;; let me reiterate what my point is—Stop looking for a place to fit in. I was often searching for a belonging in all the wrong places. A place to fit in and a place to feel comfortable in. You probably know what I’m talking about. A place that you wake up too and smile because that’s YOUR PLACE. FRIENDS:: we often search for the wrong things — but usually the right things are in front of us. Do you know where you fit in? Do you where you belong? YOU BELONG TO JESUS ,, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. He loves you despite knowing your sinful past. He loves you despite knowing your wrongdoings and your mistakes. He loves you despite knowing who you once were. He just loves you friends. That deserves an amen !!! I don’t know many people who’d love a person despite know all their ugliness and messiness. That’s what our God is friends. He’s proud of us and calls us His. He is Ours and We are His.

❝You need not regret the past or fear the future. You belong to God. You need not conform yourself to the opinions of others or struggle to win their approval. You belong to God. You need not grasp for riches or fame or success or power in order to find meaning and purpose for your life. You belong to God. You need not be afraid of failing or falling or fumbling in life. You belong to God. Your name is carved in the palm of his hand. God will never forget you, never abandon you, never leave you. You belong to God.❞

Friends :: I am so grateful to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. it was one of the best decisions i’ve made with my life. I BELONG TO HIM. as i look back on my life, i was often looking for a “place” in the wrong places. they didn’t care about me, they didn’t want the best for me, and they never encouraged me. that’s exactly what Jesus is to us friends. He is often like a shepherd looking over his fellow sheep. He’s alert to our needs, feeds and waters us spiritually, protects us, and loves and cherishes us. We belong to Him and boy does that give me a sense of security.

Wonderfully made humans ,, i hope you know that you belong to Him. He knows your name and recognizes your every need. He sends you the comfort you need. With Him, you aren’t aimlessly looking around ;; but you have a purpose. Give yourself to the One who claimed you as His own.