week 11: be joyful friends !!

bible verse: But I will rejoice in the LordI will celebrate his salvation. (Psalms 35:9)

Good afternoon sweet humans !!! What makes you feel the joy in life? What things cause a huge smile to appear on your face? Around us is endless happiness and we can create our own unique joy !! I want to share what creates joy in my life. Most importantly though.. share the blessing God has placed in my life. The joy of the lord is my strength !!!!

When I first wake up and notice the sun is shining. The birds chirp and everything is so good !!!

Grabbing a bowl of cheerios and being able to make my stomach happy. Boy oh boy do I love a good bowl of honey nut cheerios.

Sitting by my bed is the most special item in my possession — my bible. I try to read a passage once a day because the bible is the ultimate weapon to the battle of life. When lost or afraid, God is there to help.

Walking outside to see my neighbors and hearing them say hello to them. I love being friendly and it brings joy to my heart to see them smile when I say “good morning”. A simple good morning can bring so much joy friends !!!

To be able to share the love of Jesus to all the people I know. By being kind, loving, and showing them a friend is in me !!

Guys.. I remember countless times before I had no joy. I was this dead heart just living. Purpose wasn’t what I felt — but with Jesus I FEEL an exuberant amount of joy and purpose. Like I said before, the joy of the Lord is my strength. Quoting Willie Robertson (If you stick with the big man upstairs, you won’t have a day where you don’t have purpose). Seek Him and you will be blessed !!

Prayer: God — you are joy. you are peace. you are my purpose. Always remind me to live everyday with the joy of YOU !! I could feel sad today but help me feel joy in the future. Remind me everyday that the joy of the Lord is my strength.

In your name I pray. AMEN


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