week 14: you are original !!

bible verse:  The world of the Lord came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before I knew you I set you apart. I anointed you a prophet of the nations” (Jeremiah 1:4-5″)

my goodness friends ,, the Lord loves you immensely and he created you “wonderfully and beautifully made”. nothing can ever separate that. something i want to preach to you is the following. you can highlight, write this down, or even screenshot, but please know this. The God of heavens wants you to be original. He wants you to be you. not like the next person you see, or the instagram user you stumble upon, or even like your best of friends. HE WANTS YOU TO BE YOU !! he gave you certain qualities that set you apart from the rest of the earth. he put certain talents, gifts, and a unique personality. i’ve struggled with this plenty and i am preaching this to myself. i see someone playing the guitar and i’m like “oh boy, i wish i could be like that” but i need to remember something. there’s something in me and in you that makes you unique. that makes you original. sweet child of God, you are like none other. there’s no one else on this planet who is like you. there might be people who are similar to you but there’s no clones of yourself. you are unique. you are special. and you are a child of God. by being a child of God, that  means he knitted you in your mother’s womb and set you apart.

God loves the variety. He loves the different humans working together for the same purposes. He loves all of that. He wants us all to realize that. We weren’t made to be like the crowd, but to be set apart from the crowd. children of God, remember a snowflake. there’s no snowflake that’s like another. relate that to yourself. there’s no human that’ll be you. let’s all quit trying to be like the rest and start being original.  We all have that “original” factor to us. embrace it friends and be proud of it.

prayer: Dear Jesus.. help me to remember to live like i’m original. to live uniquely made by you. You set me apart and made me different for a reason. help me embrace that and walk everyday proud of that “different”.

In your name I pray. Amen !!

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