bible verse: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

i want to start this small devotional off with this small quote and please reflect upon this as you read:

❝fear is just a liar, running out of breath❞ 

fear. anxious. scared. all words to describe what a person might feel at one time. i know i’ve felt this way numerous times. am i going to have these friends in 5 years? will i be successful in years to come? will i find a special someone to make me happy? all these questions crowd my mind as i venture to my day. i’m this person full of so much Jesus and light but guess what pals? I GET SCARED !! i get worried, my heart beats anxiously, and my mind gets cluttered with thoughts but let me tell you something. i know one person who can take all those thoughts and anxiousness — JESUS !! the father in heaven knows every plan for you, every relationship you make whatever it’s friendship or significant other, and he knows your every step. when you think you’re falling into the lies of the devil, Jesus is right beside you to pick you right back up. Jesus is with you every second, minute, and hour. He’s there with you when we stay awake at night worrying, he’s there with you when you’re pondering “what’s next”, and friends He’s there with you at your darkest and weakest hour. next time Satan creeps into your thoughts at a late hour or at any time, tell him this pals !!!

Satan, my Jesus is bigger than you can ever imagine. He is a God of miracles and a God of big impacts. you are never measure up to Him. His never-failing love conquers all fear you cast upon me. 

Friends. I want to remind you: You are strong in the Lord’s love and His mighty love will find a way for you. He’ll create you the best plan for your life. Stay sure that His plan is what’s best for you. always tell the devil not today.

Prayer: Jesus: remind me at all times that you’re a conqueror. you conquered everything in my. when the devil finds a way into my thoughts and creates fear, tell him he’s not welcome. remind us there’s a God bigger than all our fears and anxieties. You are greater and bigger.

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