week 16: choose kindness

bible verse: Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul, and healthy for the body. (Proverbs 16:24)

Happi pre Friday sweet people !!! Our God is incredible and I absolutely love worshipping and being apart of His big kingdom. I want to remind people of a certain joy I love to spread around — Kindness. To me and maybe other people in the world, kindness is important to my daily lifestyle. What the word “kindness” means to me is this — sending encouraging notes to your friends, telling them how proud you are of them, sending them a texting saying “i’m praying for you”, and simply offering a hand to those who need it. Kindness is truly sweet to our soul and can impact our peers more than you can think of. Think about this real quick — Your friend is having a difficult time, it can range from any struggle you can name, and you tell them “God loves you very much”. Do you know how much that can impact a person? More than you imagine sweet friends !! Regardless of what your friends think or how it’s perceived negatively, kindness will never be overrated and I pray it becomes the norm in today’s society. Kindness will always be needed.

friends — if no one has been kind to you or you haven’t had that right “pick me up”, here’s something kind to start your afternoon. You are loved by the creator of all things good. You are worthy by the King who traded a crown of gold for a crown of thorns. You are made beautiful by the same person who created the sunsets, flowers, and all of the wonderous nature. finally, you are made new by the blood of the cross. I hope no one ever tells you any different because all the truth comes from the One who gave you life and the One who rose again. You are a child of the utmost high.

Kindness can be anything sweet friends. Kind acts can be encouraging text, paying for someone’s Starbucks or Chick fil a, or just listening to someone. it only takes a minute (i think?) to make someone’s day. Just choose kindness.

Prayer: Jesus, teach us to love like you do. Teach us to be kind and graceful to those around us. Just fill us with your grace every day to shower with our peers and neighbors. for You taught us to be kind and I pray today we reciprocate that kindness.

In your name. I pray Amen !! 

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