week 17: you are beautifully made

BIBLE VERSE: You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. [Song of Songs 4:7]


You are beautifully loved by the king of kings. He calls you His son and daughter. He calls you His beloved. His friend. No one earthly can ever take that title from you. Insecurities are going to flood us and tell us we aren’t good enough. They’ll tell us we aren’t beautiful. Or that we aren’t worth anything but guess what? Those are lies from Satan. The devil wants us unhappy. He wants us down in the damps. He loves to see God’s children unhappy but let’s not give him the satisfaction. Know today: You are a beautiful human. Inside and out. Boys, you don’t have to be that good looking dude to be accepted by the world, just be you! Girls, you don’t have to be that Instagram Model to be accepted by the world, you are already accepted by Jesus. This world might paint a picture on what beauty truly encompasses but that’s fabricated. You only need one thing to be beautiful to God. YOURSELF !!! God doesn’t look at anything else; He doesn’t look at what you look like or who you wish to look like, He just wants you. How cool is that my friends? When the world wants us to look perfect and dress perfect, we are already loved perfectly by the most perfect Jesus! I just want to remind you right now to know the right people will find you beautiful, not because of how you look like, but because of your character and personality. Those are Jesus people my pals: Humans who look in instead of out.

A small little reminder: The king who holds the sky, let’s the waves wave at us, and makes flowers grows loves you !! You are such a precious human and you deserve to know it !!! Happi Zach telling you everyday how happi you make Christ. He delights at your presence everyday

We’ll always be flawed imperfections to society but to Jesus we are fully accepted and fully loved.

PRAYER: Jesus, I am loved forever by you. Help me: whenever I feel insecure or doubt; to know I am made beautiful by you. Assist me in knowing the world might want perfect but you just want me. You want me: a flawed imperfection who is loved abundantly by a God who took the cross. Finally, Teach me to truly love myself in who created me. You make all things beautiful and that’s a reminder we all need.

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