week 18: beyond the ordinary

Bible Verse: ❝And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.❞

God gives us ordinary people extra qualities that make us extraordinary

FRIENDS !!! i just want to tell you wonderful people that you are special. you have skills that no other person has. you are gifted at one thing or another. this little “devotional” is going to relate more to spiritual gifts. those kinds of gifts that take us away from what’s ordinary and put us into what’s extraordinary. what does extraordinary mean? let me just give you a quick refresher on what it exactly means — “very unusual or remarkable”. to God, we are all remarkable or beyond the ordinary. we all have those “wow” factors. my extraordinary factor is writing and having an ability to exhort people. what’s your gift that God has blessed you with? worshipping with people? speaking truths over others? writing with the purpose of letting the Holy Spirit guide your words to others? Pals ;; you have a gift that will further the kingdom of God. You might not be good at one thing but you will be good at another. explore, venture, and pray to the good Lord because He knows what truly makes you stand out. God knows how extraordinary you are.

Pals of all ages — it took me awhile to find what made me stand out spiritual wise. I may not be the best at writing or at encouraging others but I can grow in those areas. Improvement is always needed. Take a chance and let God put you in areas you feel called to be in. With God, he takes us out of the ordinary and brings us to places way more than what the ordinary is. The extraordinary.

From the good words of Greg Laurie:

God can take an ordinary person and do something extraordinary. Jesus did not choose the apostles because they were great. Rather, their greatness came as a result of Jesus’ choosing them. In the same way, God did not choose you because you were great. You aren’t. Nor am I. Yet in His grace and mercy, He can do something wonderful with both of our lives.❞

Prayer: Dear Jesus ;; Help us find what makes us unique. Help us find what makes us special. Jesus,, just show us how extraordinary we are in you. Let us use our spiritual gifts to truly glorify you in every way possible

In your name. I pray Amen !! 

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