week five: you are His son/daughter

bible verse – For the sake of his great name the LORD will not reject his people, because the LORD was pleased to make you his own. // 1 Samuel 12:22 //

Before I start off this week’s encouraging message, let me hit it off with a story. High school is so difficult in finding a place to fit in and make friends. For me, I was trying to become myself and find a place I belonged. At the cafeteria i often looked around and stared at different tables trying to find a good place to sit. That didn’t come easy. For the next 2 years before I became homeschooled, i was that kid who sat alone. I was that kid who ate by himself because he was intimidated by others. I was the stereotypical outcast.

Society can be so cruel. Especially finding a place to fit in but God didn’t make you to fit in. He made you to stand out among a crowd. He made you unique. He made you desired and chosen. He choose you for greater things than this world can offer. This world may give you sadness, anger, heartbreak, etc — but Our God promises happiness, joy, and rewards. If you ever struggled with being an outcast or having no friends, know our God called you His for a reason. You are His son and daughter. You are a work of His holy name, created for goodness, and carved in His perfect hands. Don’t let anyone belittle, insult, or tear you down — because GOD SEES YOU CHOSEN, BELOVED, AND HEARD.

you may be an outcast to the world, but to God you were created to cast out love and joy.

prayer – Jesus, today, I take everything to you. My worries, problems, and my unspoken prayers. I am yours and You are mine. Thank you for making me unique and not a clone of ours

In your holy name, I pray: Amen

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