week nine: a creation of God.

bible verse – God saw all that he had made and it was very good… (Genesis 1:31)

dear friends.. you are incredible. you are cherished. you are beautiful. you are loved. you are made by Him and everything made by Him is so good. SO VERY GOOD !! you might toss so much self doubt in your heart but our God will throw in some positivity. He’ll continue to love on you every day even if you kick yourself down. You might not think your good some days but oh my goodness that is never correct. God calls you great and wonderful. He made you good and the world will have to have to deal with your flaws. He adores you so much oh beautiful human and never forget it.

❝my heart sings His song. He is my voice. and my whole being comes from you. sweet child of Christ, you are adored and you’re a beautiful masterpiece. OUR GOD IS IN LOVE W U!!! you are chosen by the king of kings and the author of your story. ❞ –
quote from yours truly

ugly is a word that resides in Satan — created by God is something that comes by Jesus. Our Prince of Peace, our Redeemer, Our Restorer, and our Hope.

prayer: Dear God. you are incredibly good in all ways. Please help me remind you that the lies from Satan aren’t true & all truth comes from you. You created me for goodness and not to bring me down. Continue to remind me who I am in you.

In His name I pray. AMEN !!!

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