week one: worth

my God tells us “you are worth far more than rubies” [proverbs 31:10]. to me, that means the following. It means regardless if you have the nicest clothes, God will still love you the same. It means even if you have the ugliest shoes, God will adore you just the same. it also means even if you didn’t look your best going out to the world, GOD WILL STILL LOVE YA. the world is very materialistic and i know that all so well but let’s take one step back and realize something. Our worth doesn’t come from what you have or want but it comes from what you already have. He’s living in you everyday & desires to be in your heart. that name is Jesus. what an awesome God that we have. continue to find your worth in the name who will always satisfy a broken heart. He fills our empty cup with grace, gratitude, and love each and everyday.

today’s prayer: God, i know, at times i may be ungrateful and i always look to what’s [materialistic], but with you I’m always filled up. With you, my cup will always be filled with your daily love. if i continue to have you in my heart, my worth will never be questioned as it’s in YOU. remind me to not find my worth in people, objects, or the newest apparel, but in the king of kings! the objects i seek may be temporary but your name is permanent. help me strive to be like you everyday.

in your name I pray. AMEN

what i write for my blogger fam, I speak through myself also. I’ll be saying this prayer with you guys.

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