week seven: selflessness

bible verse – those who turn away to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever. // Daniel 12:3 //

God teaches us human to love. love with no prerequisite or intent of getting anything out of it. love others even if it’s so difficult. I think love can be described as selfless acts of kindness. we all have experienced this and Jesus blessed me with an incredible story to share. I’ll tell y’all and then explain about it.

FRIENDS! being the hands and feet of Christ makes my heart overjoyed and full of happiness. I love working for the kingdom of God to better impact it. one moment forever changed my life and i remember it especially around the holidays. I’m heavily involved with the homeless ministry in South Texas and I’m in love with it. They act so grateful for such little things but that’s what it should be. One time in particular changed my life — this man comes up to the Salvation Army canteen and asks for the wellness bags we offer. Of course I say yes but what he said afterwards is what brings me to tears. He responds with “Just 2 for my young girls please.”. I look at him puzzled and confused because him and his wife deserve to eat. He answers again saying, “I always make sure my kids eat before I do. God bless y’all.” I look back as he walked off with my jaw dropping. WHAT AN ASTOUNDING INDIVIDUAL. Parents are an excellent example for what selfless love is. They will give you anything just to make sure you’re content.

isn’t that what our God? He gives us so much and acts selfness but expect nothing in return. He only expects our presence and our being. What an amazing God.

today, think what you can do for someone. instead of putting yourself first, replace yourself with a friend or a stranger. You don’t know how many times I’ve had someone buy me coffee without a single word come from my mouth. They did it out of selfless action.

honor God.

prayer – Dear God. Thank you for taking the most selfless action and dying for my sins. You took the price on calvary so I’ll take a price on earth. I’ll love selflessly without no intent of receiving anything in return. Please teach me your act of love. In your name I pray. AMEN.

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