week six: God’s love heals the broken

bible verse – The Lord will fight for you – you only need to be still // Exodus 14:14

Good afternoon wonderful creations of God !!! He loves you so much. the title of this is “God’s love heals the broken” and that can’t be anymore true. Your testimony could be you were caught in a life of sexual addiction, alcohol consumption/drug addiction, and many more, but I have some words for you. God will take all that aside, lay it on the cross, and make it beautiful. He’ll turn your ugly self into a testament to showcase His light. Sometimes being caught up in a wrong crowd will help you influence someone who’s facing the same experience. For instance – if you were in the party crowd for the most of your life, God might use your testimony to show some tough love to another in the same place. You can be redeemed because Jesus died for that. He didn’t die for you to be caught in the same sin everyday. The blood He shed wiped your sin white as snow.

Please read this !!!!

He hears you crying at night before bed, and He knows your fear. God sees the insecurity and anxiety you carry. He has witnessed every single sin you have committed against Him and His children, and His arms are open still. No matter what sin you face or the season of life you’re in – God loves you and wants YOURSELF back.

Prayer – God, today my mentality is at a low, and I’m lost on what to do. Please show me how to live the purest life that’ll make you abundantly happy. You created me to be light so rid me of the darkness and call me to love others. I am Yours.

In your name, I pray. AMEN.

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