week three: loved x3

bible verse- you are loved more than you will ever know — by someone who died to know you // Romans 1:4 //

Oh my lanta friends you are so stinking loved. You were made in His wonderful image. You were made in His flawless perfection. never let no man or women tell you any differently. He took the biggest sacrifice for you. Not because He had too — but because He wanted too. It makes me so teary eyes knowing what God made. He made amazing human beings, He made puppies, He made the wonderful mountains, and He made the beautiful sky. That makes me happy. What else makes Zach happy? You. It makes me happy knowing Jesus made you have purpose, He made you worthy, and He made you forever loved. Regardless if ‘people’ distrust you, disown you, or stray from you — God will never. He adores you, He really does. today — live like you are loved & live to the person you were made to be.

prayer- Dear Jesus: today, please help me remember who i come from. Help me, remember that even if love on earth is difficult for me, that I am adored by you. my whole being comes from you not from the earth. lastly.. help me live like I am loved by you.

in Christ Name i pray amen.

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